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Jack Fleming's Journal - December 12th, 2009 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
P. N. Elrod

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December 12th, 2009

A billion. Seriously. A BILLION. [Dec. 12th, 2009|10:53 am]
P. N. Elrod
[mood |angryangry]


Not a number I can wrap my head around. Is it the same for you?

I woke up, got my cup of coffee, nibbled on something with sugar to kick start my system into waking up. This is something I've done more times than I can count. While I don't take it for granted, I feel pretty miffed if my routine is disrupted. Miffed. Miffed.

But this organization, whose story was on my morning dose of CNN, pointed out that while I sucked down my "flavor of San Antonio" blend that about a dozen children died from hunger.

I can't imagine that, either. Nor should anyone. Especially those kids.

Have you got five bucks? Is that how much you'll spend at Starbucks or on junk food this weekend?

Five bucks. That's sofa change.

That's all they're asking. They're trying to get a billion well-fed, well-connected-to-the-Net people to help a BILLION starving strangers.

If your arse is as wide as mine, then there's no excuse.
This is a human tragedy. This is an outrage. We're all here to take care of each other.

Go here, donate your junk food money, then tell me about it, tell everyone on your blog and tweet throughout the day to get the word out. We're connected, they're dying. Reach out. Make an effort, dammit.

Five bucks won't kill you, but it will save a life.

Please, make me proud.

Make me cry for a different reason than rage and grief.

Five. Bucks.

It takes only a minute!
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