September 5th, 2009



After far too long a hiatus, FOREVER KNIGHT is back on the air on Chiller this Monday!!!!

We're getting a marathon of 1st season episodes all day on Labor Day--woo hoo!!!

Yeah, I know, you're all fans too and have the DVDs, BUT a whole new generation of vamp fans has come up that may never have seen them.

I'm hoping you will ALL blog about this event and urge people to tune in--especially the young vamp fans who never heard of it and need to get hooked.

Maybe the only vamp show they've seen was that ripoff of FK, Moonlight. The only one they have to look forward to is some teen vamp series coming this fall.  (No, I'm not going to bother watching it. Teens in heat shows, with or without fangs, bore me.)

Maybe they've seen their mom's or big sister's eps of Buffy and Angel (awesome sauce) but I want the newbies to learn what else was on that enabled one's fang fetish needs!

Now we *do* have True Blood, but I had to stop watching; HBO went way over the top on the body juices squick. I'm squeamish. There, it's out. There's a point where they went into the overload zone for me and I just had to turn away. I've got a rule: it stops being entertaining when I get physically sick, ergo, stop watching. I love Charlaine's books, but at least with the movie in my head I can control the splattery special effects.

Ahh, but Nick Knight--yummy to look at, no overkill on the angst, and he loses it just enough to his dark side to nab bad guys. Who does that remind you of?

You'd think I'd be annoyed seeing a show about a vampire detective, but hey, the contract for Bloodlist was signed months before the Rick Springfield pilot was released in '88, so I'm cool with it. Producer/writer James D. Perriott and I are just great minds who thought alike!

Imagine my shock to find Lee Killough beat us both with her Gareth Mikaelian books!

But back to the FK marathon. Yes, the DVDs are out, but there's something different seeing a broadcast. The story is interrupted by commercials, you wait to see what happens next, you get hooked, you start looking up the websites. For me I remember the glee with which I greeted each new episode.

And yes, I watched the 3rd season, but it lost a lot of heart without Schanke and Janette around. They had a some excellent 3rd season episodes, how could they avoid it with Geraint Wyn Davies and Nigel Bennett on screen? But the first two seasons were the best for me.

David Hewlett fans--watch for him in DEAD AIR.  Not the best ending in the world, but my-oh-my, what a performance! He never screamed like that on Stargate Atlantis!

I really need to go though my files and try to find my script for THE FOREVER KNIGHT (DINNER) THEATER. A bunch of us put the play on in 94 or 5 at Galaxy Fair in Nigel Bennett's honor. That one deserves a whole new web page as we find out what happens when LaCroix takes over Picard's Enterprise. Macgyvergal's hubby supplied me with a DVD of the show he was so kind enough to record. The sound ain't so great, so I want to have the play's text on the same page so people can follow the fun.