May 8th, 2010

Aggie & Kim

Da Winnah and a ** Newer** Drawing!


Congrats to
aetas_lupus  for winning the drawing!

I have more new, unread books to give away.  You know what to do to help with my spring cleaning!

The Dark Lord - Patricia Simpson 2003
Prince of the Night -- Jasmine Cresswell 1995
Lords of the Night - Janice Bennett, Sara Blayne, Monique Ellis  1997
Dark Obsession - Amanda Stevens 1994

Not a lot going on, just me writing, which is a good thing.

Oh, I went in for jury duty last month, got picked, then had to hang around downtown for four hours waiting for the court to open. 

Rather than sitting in the courthouse hoping to glimpse Denny Crane or Alan Shore, I went a couple blocks over and bought Rachel Caine's awesome UNKNOWN to pass the time.  Got instantly sucked into the story, but that's the kind of mega-cool wordage that she kicks out.  The book kept me busy through brunch, lunch, and later in the courthouse on those hard benches.

Then, it's time. I reluctantly put the book away, and go around the corner in time to see my fellow jurors being dismissed. Apparently a deal was made so there would be no trial. I collected my 6-dollar check. They can pay for my lunch after eating up my writing day.

Ooookay. I'm off the hook from doing my civic duty for another two years.

So's the person who cut a deal.

From the questions they gave us prior to going in it looked like a drunk driving case, and I am merciless about that kind of thing.  Not going to apologize for being ill-disposed toward drunk drivers.  I think all vehicles should have built in breathalizers and not start if the driver is unfit. 

I got clipped by a drunken moron back when I was a teen
. He'd just gotten off work at a General Motors plant--take that irony how you will--and had a cooler of beer in his truck. He was barreling way too fast to get home, presumably to finish off any cases in his fridge there, and caught my back fender, spinning my little car right around.

I recall his beery breath and purple veined nose peering through my car window, then there was my dad pushing him out of the way.  He'd been in HIS truck on the same corner and saw his youngest trying to make the crossing. That had to be a bad moment for him!

Beer-guy vanished while my dad was trying to get me and my totaled car out of the way of more incoming traffic.

Insurance? Forget it. The SOB *vanished*.

My next car was a ginormous '64 Mercury with fins. Dad wanted plenty of steel between me and the next disaster. It looked like this, but mine was a brighter red and more dinged.  I bet Nick Knight would fit in the trunk just fine.

It was a thirsty ride, but gas was .24 a gallon then. A good wage was a dollar an hour.  Little wonder I wanted to be a writer. Less work, more pay.

So yeah, you don't want P.N. Elrod in the jury if you were driving drunk. I guarantee you will not like the outcome!

Our trip down memory lane is ended, leave a comment if you want some books!