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Strange Brewings!

 It's official now--I've just signed the contracts to edit and write a story for a shiny new anthology with St. Martin's!

I'll be sharing the stage with Rachel Caine, Caitlin Kittredge and Jim Butcher again, along with Faith Hunter, and five other great writers!

The title is STRANGE BREW and though not about coffee, it will have urban fantasy stories centering on witches and witchcraft.

Of course I've no clue what I'll be writing, but something will pop into my noggin when the time comes.  Speaking of which--I gotta get back to work!

I meant that in my last posting about there being no ivory towers in this business.  The reward for a job well done is more work due in half the time to took to turn in the previous project.  For those with the fatal drive to write professionally--keep that in mind!                                 

Tags: caitlin kittredge, faith hunter, jim butcher, p.n. elrod, rachel caine, strange brew, witches

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