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Good news, bad news


I'll get the bad out of the way first.

That all-too-busy e-book download THIEF, Athanatos--I still hate you by the way--has been at it again, posting my titles for free download.

Thankfully my Google alerts keep me on top of things.  I sent notice to the host server that I still own the copyright and would be grateful if they took the page down. Let's hope it works once more.

Athanatos--I can only figure that you get a bit of cash sent your way every time someone clicks on your thievery. Please, go get a real job and stop sponging off me and other writers. I'll let you know right now I am NOT rich or I'd pay you to stop. I wish I was, but I'm not. I need book sales to be recorded by the beancounters at Ace.  No visible sales means they don't buy more books from me. This includes e-book sales. 

If you're a fan and think you're helping me, you are NOT. Seriously. Not. Promote me on your website or blog if you like my books so much, but PLEASE stop giving them away.

As for the rest of you, 
I know that you are honest and want to pay for your reading and I am GRATEFUL!

If you can't afford e-books, then go to your library. Librarians notice how many times certain titles are checked out and/or downloaded and pass this info upstream. When it's time to order more books, that writer will get some sales--and publishers LOVE library sales for their writers!

I was horrified to see that the only titles of mine that Ace has up on their site are the two omnibus volumes with books 1-6 in them, and Song In the Dark, book 11.

All the others, 7-10, are officially out of print.  That's a lot of wordage. If you're missing copies, try the library, and venues like Amazon and B&N online. They will have used copies for sale. I sell signed copies from my website if you want one.

BTW--used copies were indeed counted as sales at some point in their life. Used bookstores, as pointed out by my pal, JoMadge, do not sell or give away Xeroxes, which is what e-pirates do. Support your local used stores so THEY can stay in business, too!

My agent is working to get those OOP titles in omnibus form, but so far it's slow going.  The economy--in case anyone has missed the news in the last year or so--is in the flusher, and publishers are tightening the belt same as the rest of us.

I can't stress to ya'll just how fortunate it was that Ace decided to buy Dark Road Rising. I was worried. Seriously worried. Mid-list writers like me are getting the chop, so please do recommend me and your other fav writers to your friends. Keep those books a-selling so we can write more for you!

On the plus side, I turned in the D.R.R. copy-edited manuscript to my editor last week (yay!) and the next step is they put it in galley form, send it to me for a final proofreading, then it finds its way to the printer.  Hopefully the advance reading copies--those go to the reviewers--will please the critics!

Someone asked about signing up for advance sales on Amazon--getting an alert for when a title is up for order. I know that Amazon does that, but you've just asked the tecknotwit for 'puter-fu help!  Just go to Amazon and find out what their procedure is. I think if you put "P.N. Elrod" in the right box then good things will happen.


                        COMING JULY 9


With the new Vampire Files story "Hecate's Golden Eye."

Jack Fleming and his partner Escott are asked to recover a stolen heirloom--a rare yellow diamond with a curse.
Any man who touches it DIES.

Of course, since Jack's already dead he should be immune, right?

Um, well...

Mix in some con artists and a homicidally violent mad Irishman and see what happens!

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