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Weekend coupon for Omnibus!


Signed a rider today to my 1988 contract for the first 6 Vampire Files that will soon have them available in digital format. In the meantime, if you're jonsing for other VF stories, they're still here. Have a coupon for 40% off!
Smashwords allows downloads to all reading device apps like Kindle & Nook.

Whatever you've got, they can deliver!

Reg. 4.99

Promotional price: $2.99

Coupon Code: CE46N

Expires: Sunday October 23, 2011
P.N. Elrod's favorite short works available for the first time in digital format for her "Lunch Time Reading Series."

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*squees and bookmarks* Stuff for my Kobo, yay!
That bargain is far too good to pass up. I just bought it, thanks!