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The Devil You Know E-book Coupon Weekend!


Mr. Jonathan Frid's birthday was yesterday and I was all over Facebook on that one. I owe him so much for his portrayal of Barnabas Collins!  Few fans today realize how revolutionary it was back then to have a vampire character who had a conscience, was vulnerable, yet strong and possessed of a fierce loyalty to protect his family. So what if he chewed on a few necks in the process?  ;0)

And yes, you bet yer sweet fangs I named Jonathan Barrett after Mr. Frid!

I'm gonna (belatedly!) celebrate this wonderful man's big day with a tiny little sale on The Devil You Know ebook.  Jonathan is the special "guest character" in the story!

Anyone going to Smashwords this weekend and putting in this coupon code can get the book for half off!

Smashwords has downloads for ALL e-reading devices! Pick your fave!


Promotional price: $2.00

Coupon Code: DG62D

Expires: December 5, 2012

Cheers and many happy returns!
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