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Supernatural Honeymoon--in French! Valentine's Day drawing!

I just got in copies of the French translation of My Big, Fat Supernatural Honeymoon.

The title lost something with Lune de Miel, Lune de Sang which means "Honeymoon, Moon of Blood"--yikes!--but the cover is gorgeous!

I don't read French, so what do I do with these?  Hold a random drawing, of course!

If you would like a romantic French edition of the book--signed, of course--leave a comment before Valentine's Day and I'll do a random name drawing.

Here's its page on Amazon, complete with a Look Inside!

If you can wait until Feb.20 for it to mail out, I'll see about getting contributor Rachel Caine to autograph it, too!

You have until February 14!

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ooh I'd love to give my old High school/college French learning a try and see how much of it I still remember.
Nice cover!