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Hex Appeal!


Hex Appeal

This is the big release day for HEX APPEAL, my new anthology freaturing nine kick butt urban fantasy stories from the best writers in the business! Available in print and digital format.

Check 'em out!

Retribution Clause -- Ilona Andrews

Bigfoot On Campus -- Jim Butcher

Holly's Balm -- Rachel Caine

Snow Job -- Carole Nelson Douglas

Outside the Box -- P.N. Elrod    Introducing Marsha Madinia Goldfarb, intermediate witch, and Ellinghaus, a "Chicago Special" vampire obsessed with the Blues Brothers. Join them as they deal with a deadly public relations disaster. (Yeah, you heard that right! The last thing a top secret magical business needs is 60 Minutes banging on the gates!)

How Do You Feel? -- Simon R. Green

There Will Be Demons -- Lori Handeland

Cherry Kisses -- Erica Hayes

The Arcane Art of Misdirection -- Carrie Vaughn

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Ooooh, a new series! I'll really have to buy it now. :-)
I bought it yesterday!