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Jack Fleming's Journal

From his ghost writer, P.N. Elrod

P. N. Elrod
There's a reason why we're not telepathic: we'd kill each other off as a species. -- Me


I write.

I sew.

But not at the same time.

Mostly I lust for General O'Neill.

NEVER trust the snakeheads. Not even the cute ones.


Yes, friends me if you like; it's cool.

Names on that list don't mean that:

a) I have time to read entries; (I don't.)

b) that I share the same opinions; (What are the odds?)

c) I'm ever going to buy you a drink. (Unless you're an editor, publisher, another writer or a really, REALLY cute guy.)


This blog is a politics-free zone.

Against all odds of human behavior we live in a democracy that allows one to vote as well as bitch about the high prices at Starbucks. How that rarity is maintained will not be discussed here as it's being done to death on other sites/blogs.

I prefer to swill beer in the bar and kvetch about publishing.


Journal Rules for the Planet Elrod:

Please, let's keep comments on topic.

Write like an educated grown-up. Text-speak annoys me.

Be funny, if you're in the mood for it. I LIKE funny!

Fan mail/off topic questions should go to the "Contact" page on the vampwriter-dot-com website.

Sorry, I won't look at your website, short story, novel or whatever. I love you, I really do, but I don't have the time.

If you want feedback go to absolutewrite-dot-com. It's FREE.

Publishing scams and other dishonesties are subject to mockage at my whim.